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Setting up Apache on Yosemite

It took me a while to realize that Apple upgraded Apache on Yosemite, and most of the tutorials online needed updating since httpd.conf has changed (e.g. users.conf not being read, access forbidden). This one seems to work well.

Google Earth Engine as a Remote Sensing Tool

As you may or may not know, Google has started developing Earth Engine as a platform to do remote sensing computation via their massive computer cluster. My colleagues and I discuss its capability, its data set, and compared it with ENVI services.

Simple HTTP Change Detector

The other day, a class that I really wanted was full. The obvious solution is obviously to quickly whip up a script to tell me when someone drops and the class is open. Nodejs to ping, nodemailer to email to sms, and cron to task schedule.

Terminal Start

Recently I started developing via terminal. It has been a great learning experience and I thought I would share my current set up with annotations for those also interested in this venture. Tmux + ViM + .bash-profile.

GIS: Gentrification in the Bay Area

A preliminary report exploring some of the realities of gentrification in the Bay area as it relates to the tech industry using ArcMap and other tools. Disclaimer: Done over a week with a group for a class final.

Gmail Confirm Subscription

This is both cool, being able to confirm subscription straight form the inbox, and creepy, Google being able to parse through everything.

Swapping FN keys and Ctrl keys

One of the things that I found weird in the Thinkpad X230t’s keyboard is that FN is the last button. I find that having CTRL as the last button is more convenient and makes more sense since your finger knows immediately where it is: at the edge. Thankfully, you can switch this to your preference in the BIOS! However, I do have to note that the button is a little less responsive–hopefully this is a result of an incorrect setting and not a flaw in design. The BIOS also provides other interesting settings such as making the FN keys the default (as with many consumer keyboards).

Background-size: Cover;

Recently I was trying to make a responsive computer screen using CSS. This relatively unused baby is indispensable. It tells the computer to re-size the background image such that it will always cover the div. Combine with background-position: center & .SVG, it came out real nicely.

Wacom Tablet PC Driver for Windows 8

Interestingly, at the moment of writing, this does not exist on the Europe site, only on the U.S. site. I am very glad I found it–it enables pressure sensitivity on the Thinkpad x230t.

Firefox Extra Margin Top

For the longest time this site was plague with a weird margin-top in the header. If you’re having the issue, I recommend taking a read at this solution!