Get By Post Type

getByPostType is a tumblr app that I created as a personal project to find tumblr posts by their post type. It was created purely with CSS3 and jQuery. No images here! It is definitely interesting to see what could be pulled off.


On hover, the color reorders to signify the change. Changing the color orders bring life and vibrancy while still keeping the colorway.

CSS3 allows for some fancy creativity without the use of images. Button presses, depths, reflection… very powerful stuff. The benefit is clear: changes can be made quickly without opening Photoshop or illustrator. This allows for easy iterations, manipulations and mood changes.

CSS3 also allows for text-shadow to create different kinds of effect. From the one on the header, to the one at the quote citation. Definitely interesting to see what effects will become a trend.

CSS3 allows for easy creation of modal boxes with strong shadows to push content out further into the viewer’s space–like the bold shadows on a Mac OSX window.

Finally, a fallback in case the user’s browser does not support CSS3 or the user does not want to use CSS3. Here we can also see how much life CSS3 brings to the table.