Place Cover Here

Place Cover Here is a book containing book cover and typography study. Done under Henri Lucas, Place Cover Here was a quarter long project where we made 100s of book cover for Lightman’s Einstein’s Dream. The process began with a constrained rule set to force creativity (see: Twitter’s 140 characters limit) and typography study, but ended with complete creative freedom (within the constraint of a book cover).


The book is divided into eight phases, color coded from light gray to black–hinting at the addition of techniques used in the cover studies inside each phase.

Place Cover Here enclosed my book cover studies. By placing a clear sheet of plastic in front of its book cover, I allowed the reader of the book to use one of my cover study as the book’s cover.

In the beginning we were only allowed to mess with rules and typography.

I love grids. Probably influenced by my origin as a web designer. #subtraction

Eventually we were allowed to use images.

Place Cover Here is roughly the size of Einstein’s Dream. Thus by replacing the front cover of Place Cover Here, the reader can imagine how the book cover would look on Einstein’s dream.