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On the Topic of: UCLA


UCLA Arts Library n6797.g372 – n6797.j37

Through the intentional displacement of significant amounts of library books from an educational institution (UCLA Arts Library), the piece exposes the under-used books available to students by recontextualizing them in an art gallery. The piece challenges viewers to reassess the historic value of books and libraries by checking out a bookcase-worth of books for a week. By wrapping the books in gold paper and placing a barrier around the bookshelf, they are stripped from their inherent function as a repository for information, highlighting the shift of books from a referential purpose to a reverential one.

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Farts in Happiness

The original prompt was to simulate synesthesia. This type of video exploration is sometimes called viusic, short for video music. But I decided to experiment more with the idea of opposition, juxtaposing unappreciated sound with happy visuals.
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Sam Francis in Motion

The goal of the present video was to animate a painting–sometimes referred to as: kinetic painting. As the title would suggest, the original painting is done by Sam Francis. The visual is played with a cut version of Time by Hans Zimmer from the movie Inception.
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