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On the Topic of: wordpress



CYMK was a wordpress theme I did for my blog, previously named novus.volce. It was the second experiment with CSS borders and transparency, back when it was less common and  more experimental (and you had to use ie-pngfix). Continue reading



An older WordPress theme I did playing with the idea of dates as a bookmark, sticking out, not actually part of the content. Continue reading


Print Digital

A short lived wordpress theme I did playing with the idea of printing. Sort of ironic, since this is what digital is supposed to replace. Yup hipster since a kid.  Continue reading


Color in Yellow and Blue

My earliest experiment with transparency. Again, back when ie-pngfix was required, and ie6 was the bane of all designer. The transparency is used to divide the sections as it stack up–creating a sort of chronological divide through transparency.  Continue reading