Our Story

We believe in human dignity and that everyone has something to offer–whether it be time, skill, or money—and even more importantly: stories. We believe that together we are strongest, and that in hearing each other good stories, we excite in us what is natural, the human spirit: to band together against odds.

But, our compassion has fallen behind as our connection with each other drift apart and we become indifferent–swallowed by news of calamities and social noise. Skeptical questions become our anthem:

Our days are of waiting for our news feed to update, waiting to learn about the next fleeting thing. We spend money mindlessly on impulse purchases because we believe them to be insignificant.

But all this can be used for the better. that what is insignificant, can be significant.

We believe that today, more than ever, we are equipped to connect with each other--whether it be in our local community, or halfway across the world with someone who shares the same story. But this is not only a story of those in need, but also of those who serve.

This is a story of us.

A social network of compassion.

This is, the story of good.

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